Patient Education Writer

at NeuroCare.AI in Marketing Department

Full-Time, Remote Work

Patient Education Writer

at NeuroCare.AI in Marketing Department

Full-Time, Remote Work

About Us

We're here to create a digital ecosystem for emerging countries, and to provide value-based care and education for patients, clinicians, healthcare systems and companies, and investors. And we've been working on this together since 2022. Today, we are growing rapidly, and we are always looking for the best teammates to join us. We want to build a company with the same diversity and creativity as the millions of people NeuroCare.AI reaches throughout the world.

If we can save one life at a time by accelerating healthcare digital transformation, everyone will live happier, healthier lives. It's our mission to make that a reality. Let's save lives together.

We at NeuroCare.AI are a completely remote company, and we strongly encourage flexibility in every department. Results speak for the quality and excellence of your work, not the number of hours you work.

About the Role

The Patient Education Writer creates infographics that explain how medical devices, procedures, and treatments work in an easy-to-digest way. Patients and their families get material explaining the definitions, risks, and interventions of medical conditions. Translating audio scripts into local languages such as Tagalog is part of the role of helping and serving patients under Neurology and Psychology topics.

Job Description and Tasks

Writing and Research Skills

1. Research Related

2. Writing Related

3. Editing Related

4. Translation Related

Graphic Design Skills

1. Infographics Related

2. Blog Banner Related

Team Player, Communication and Project Management Skills

Qualifications and Requirements

It is required that applicants have:

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