State-of-the-art Principal Care Management

A data-driven neurology & psychiatry management platform that keeps patients in the loop throughout their treatments.

Get started with NeuroCare.AI today!

Get started with NeuroCare.AI today!

Connecting the Dots in Neurology & Psychiatry Care

NeuroCare.AI is building and breaking hospitals, leaving them with no walls. Powered by artificial intelligence, we break age-old barriers in healthcare and medical practice, while pushing the current system to transform into a better one.

Patient Data

Access your patient data easily on our HIPAA-compliant and secure clinical platform.

Remote Clinical Staff

There will be a remote team of clinical staff available to coordinate care between you and your patient. Available in both mobile and web apps.

Secure Chat Platform

Communication with your team and patients is made safe and secure via a HIPAA-compliant messaging service.

Education Library

View our library of medical education materials, including videos, handouts, articles, calculators, and guidelines related to neurology and psychiatry.

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