Note: FDA Approval is under process

Note: FDA Approval is under process

Early Stroke Detection made possible with NeuroICH

With NeuroICH health care professionals can receive timely stroke notifications, empowering them to make informed decisions and provide best possible care for their patients.

Get started with NeuroICH today!

a showcase of brain bleed detect application

Get started with NeuroICH today!

Revolutionizing Stroke Detection with NeuroICH

Welcome to the cutting-edge world of NeuroICH, where advanced artificial intelligence meets medical diagnostics to revolutionize stroke detection. Our groundbreaking product leverages the power of AI to analyze brain CT scans swiftly and accurately, enabling early and precise identification of brain strokes.

Real-time Detection of Intracranial Hemorrhage (ICH)

Leveraging advanced algorithms, our system detects intracranial hemorrhage in real-time, saving precious minutes for urgent medical intervention.

app showcase of brain application
two phone shows a critical stroke notification

Critical Stroke Notifications

Receive instant critical stroke notifications, enabling timely intervention and enhancing patient outcomes.

Why NeuroICH?

AI-Powered Precision

Swift Analysis

Early Stroke Detection

User-Friendly Interface

Extensive Reporting

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